I’m a Machine Learning and Data Science professional with around 6 years of experience designing and developing ML products and tools at the cutting edge of the ML/AI field. The desire to research and build new or novel technologies has been the main driver of my career choices to date. Technological innovation is a passion of mine, and my curiosity for all things scientific motivated me to complete an extended trip into academia where I have had the privilege of working with internationally-recognised research groups in both theoretical Physics and Computer Science. I hold a Master’s degree and Doctorate (PhD) in these disciplines respectively.

After this stint in academia, I decided I really wanted to help build something. Something exciting, preferably. After a few interesting chats, I decided an interesting startup would be ideal. Enter Peak. At Peak we’re building a new class of business system that reaches across multiple business verticals to provide unprecedented capabilities to our clients. We’re using a whole host of interesting tech and — as a young company — we’re moving quickly and trying out new ideas all the time.

Practically, my experience to-date has given me a privileged position at the intersection of a few key disciplines. I’ve had exposure to advanced mathematics from a Physics and Machine Learning perspective (there’s some really interesting overlaps), computer science and software engineering from both academic and industry perspectives, and a fair bit of exposure to good experimentation setup and the good old scientific method to boot. In the commercial world, I’ve had operational experience as a Data Scientist, leading and delivering projects for multiple clients. I’ve been working for the past year or so as an AI (ML) Engineer, helping to develop Peak’s products, internal tooling and infrastructure.

All this to say: I’m comfortable with a broad range of technologies, from state of the art ML techniques and tools, to services provided by the major cloud vendors (particularly AWS and GCP), associated technologies (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker, Skaffold). I’ve also developed something of a specialisation in probabilistic modelling (Bayesian Networks, Markov Networks etc.) and ML system design, which sometimes comes in handy. I’m interested in programming languages too, with experience developing applications in several languages. I rotate in and out of languages over time, and delivered work professionally in Python (inc. Cython), C, C++, Fortran (77, 90, 98), and Javascript. I also have a working knowledge of Go and Scala.

If you want to get in touch, you can contact me via Twitter:

Mark Douthwaite (@MarklDouthwaite) on Twitter
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