Hey! I’m Mark. I’m a Machine Learning (ML) Engineer based in Manchester, UK. I’ve got a background in academic Computer Science and Physics research (fields in which I hold a PhD and Masters degree respectively) as well as commercial experience in Data Science, software engineering and product management. I tend to write about applied Machine Learning, software and technology, with the odd sojourn into books and personal events.


I send a (roughly) quarterly newsletter looking at trends in technology, particularly in the world of Data Science and Machine Learning. I try and make this a combination of data-driven analysis and an aggregation of interesting news and articles. I’ll also send a curated list of my own posts on a monthly basis too. If you’re interested, you can register using the button in the bottom right.

Articles and guides

I release regular posts on this site, typically about once per month. Here’s a few of my most popular posts to date:

Data Science in 2020: Technology
This article analyses 30,000 unique Data Science blog posts from the last year to get to the bottom of what the Data Science community has been discussing. This post looks at the most discussed -- and most popular -- technologies of the year.
Serverless ML: Deploying Lightweight Models at Scale
Deploying ML models ‘into production’ as scalable APIs can be tricky. This post looks at how Serverless Functions can make deployment easier for some applications, and gives an example project to get you started deploying your own models as Google Cloud Functions.
Deploying Streamlit Apps to GCP
Streamlit is a minimal, modern data visualization framework that’s rapidly becoming the go-to dataapp framework in the Python ecosystem. This post introduces Streamlit, and shows you how to securely and scalably deploy your Streamlit apps with Google App Engine.

If you’re a Medium-devotee, I also repost  some content over there:

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Contact me

If you want to get in touch, you can contact me via Twitter:

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