Manchester, UK



AI Engineer

PhD Computer Science (TBC)
Master of Physics

Artificial Intelligence
Software Research & Development
Numerical Simulations

I’ve always been driven by a passion for innovation and discovery, and my work has inevitably been shaped by this — and my insatiable curiosity. I’ve been fortunate to have been involved with and contributed to some of the most interesting (for me at least!) research and commercial ventures of today.

I’ve contributed to academic research in the fields of both Computer Science and Theoretical Physics. In particular, I’ve helped develop research software for evaluating advanced autonomous systems, and for simulating quantum interactions in Graphene-based nanostructures. My more recent academic research (completed as part of my PhD) involved developing new tools, processes and frameworks for assuring the properties of mission-critical AI systems.

Most recently, I joined Peak as an Data Scientist at Peak’s headquarters in Manchester, UK. Since joining I’ve helped establish Peak’s AI Engineering team, and I’m now working as an AI Engineer on some exciting new technical and business problems.

Outside of my research and work, I’m a keen supporter of STEM education and public outreach activities. I’ve been involved with Code Club Pro, an initiative aimed at training teachers in computer science concepts. I’m also always happy to contribute and speak at public events — particularly those around Physics, Computer Science and Software Engineering.

I’m always happy to collaborate on interesting ideas, and to contribute to furthering STEM causes wherever possible. If you think I could be of assistance get in touch!