Manchester, UK

Mark Douthwaite

Pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence Systems in new operational and commercial contexts.



As an insatiably curious person, carrying out research into complex technical problems is hugely enjoyable for me. I have contributed to research in multiple scientific disciplines.


Developing new frameworks, tools and systems is a passion of mine. I love to contributing to the design and construction of technological systems – especially those using pioneering ideas.


Finding exciting new applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a primary motivator for me. I utilise several varieties of cutting-edge AI approaches in my research and day-to-day work.

Data Science

Numerical analysis forms the basis of much of my work and research. I find using mathematical modeling to providing valuable insights hugely rewarding.

PhD Research

Mission-Critical Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence-base Systems are being deployed in new and novel applications. Many of these applications have serious implications for the safety of operators and the public, and for the effective functioning of mission-critical systems. My research looks into the deployment of Bayesian Network-based systems in mission-critical Prognostic Health Monitoring (PHM) roles aboard autonomous vehicles, and how these systems could be developed to assure their safety and security.


Prof. Tim Kelly


Department of Computer Science, University of York


BAE Systems Ltd
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council



Latest News

The latest news from my career, research and adventures.

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The Daily Mail Online and the physical edition of The I Newspaper ran with our article. That was a pleasant surprise. You can find a modified version of the article[…]

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New Magazine Article: Reservoir Computing

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Business Innovation Award Winner 2015

Great news! My team, redstart, won this year’s Business Innovation in Digital Technology Award from the University of York Computer Science Department. The award was sponsored by IBM, and was[…]

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