Manchester, UK



The University of York

"A member of the elite Russell Group of universities, we are a dynamic, research-intensive university committed to the development of life-saving discoveries and new technologies to tackle some of the most pressing global challenges."

I’m currently a PhD researcher at The University of York. My research is looking at developing technologies and methodologies for the development of artificial intelligence-based systems for use aboard autonomous systems in mission-critical contexts. My work is being carried out in partnership with BAE Systems as part of an Industrial CASE award PhD studentship. I have a background in experimental and theoretical physics.

I have experience working with and implementing a wide range of machine learning technologies including Bayesian Networks (e.g. Naive Bayes, discrete Dynamic Bayesian Nets, Kalman Filters, & HMMs), Markov Networks (CRFs, MRFs), Neural Networks (e.g. feedforward, autoencoders, echo state networks), SVMs and various assorted unsupervised and statistical modelling techniques. I have an extensive academic background in mathematically demanding fields.

I’m also an experienced programmer, with experience developing software in a research context in Python and C++. I am comfortable with other languages including C and MATLAB. I’m particularly experienced in scientific programming tasks such as data analysis, data visualisation and process simulation. I’m also comfortable with the usual web development languages (the usual HTML, CSS, JS), as well as the Django Python web framework and data visualisation libraries including D3.js.

University of York

I have studied for both my Masters and PhD at The University of York. As a member of both the Physics and Computer Science departments I have been exposed to a range of cutting-edge technologies.

Peak AI

I work at Peak AI in Manchester (UK) as a member of Peak's Data Science team. We use our Artificial Intelligence System (AIS) to revolutionise the business practices of our commercial clients.

BAE Systems

My PhD research was performed with the support and direct input of BAE Systems. This research involved the development of strategies for the assurance of mission-critical Artificial Intelligence.

Republic of Things

The Republic of Things (RoT) develops technologies for the Internet of Things. I have supported the development and deployment of multiple products as a technical consultant for RoT.

Last CV update on: 01/01/2018