Manchester, UK



The desire to research and build new or novel technologies has been the main driver of my career choices to date. Technological innovation and discovery is a passion of mine, and my insatiable curiosity for all things scientific motivated me to complete an extended trip into academia where I have had the privilege of working with internationally-recognised research groups in both theoretical Physics and Computer Science, where I obtained a Master’s of Physics and Doctorate in these disciplines respectively.

More recently, I’ve turned my attention to contributing towards a commercial effort at Peak to conceptualise, design and build a new class of enterprise business software system. This system is intended to centralise, curate and action signals and insights from across an entire retail business: from logistics and merchandising through to marketing and business reporting.


University of York

I have studied for both my Masters and PhD at The University of York. As a member of both the Physics and Computer Science departments I have been exposed to a range of cutting-edge technologies.

Peak AI

I work at Peak AI in Manchester (UK) as a member of AI Engineering group. I'm helping to develop an enterprise Artificial Intelligence System (AIS) for business.

BAE Systems

My PhD research was performed with the support and direct input of BAE Systems. This research involved the development of strategies for the assurance of mission-critical Artificial Intelligence.

Republic of Things

The Republic of Things (RoT) develops technologies for the Internet of Things. I have supported the development and deployment of multiple products as a technical consultant for RoT.

Last CV update on: 01/01/2018