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Non-Data Science Packages for Data Scientists – Part 1: tqdm

This series of posts is going to give an overview of some interesting, useful and/or time-saving general-purpose packages that can make the lives of Data Scientists a little easier. I thought I’d put this together after finding a few-to-many DS repositories, scripts and notebooks that made life far too difficult for themselves. TQDM To kick…
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Article Update: The I Newspaper and Mail Online

The Daily Mail Online and the physical edition of The I Newspaper ran with our article. That was a pleasant surprise. You can find a modified version of the article on the Daily Mail’s Mail Online here.

New Magazine Article: Reservoir Computing

I have another article up over on The Conversation, you can check it out here. This time I’ve collaborated with a colleague, and we’re on the edges of some current computing technologies and artificial intelligence. Reservoir computing is fascinating conceptually, and hold some potentially revolutionary capabilities. Enjoy the article!

Business Innovation Award Winner 2015

Great news! My team, redstart, won this year’s Business Innovation in Digital Technology Award from the University of York Computer Science Department. The award was sponsored by IBM, and was the culmination of a two week business course, given by the excellent Dick Whittington. It was a great couple of weeks, with plenty of information…
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