From time to time I've put out scientific articles on various topics that are beyond my day-to-day academic and private research interests.

"There’s a way to turn almost any object into a computer – and it could cause shockwaves in AI"

There's a lot of interest brewing in so-called 'unconventional computation' in the academic world, and this interest is starting to spill over into industrial interest. This article gives a quick overview of the current state of 'Reservoir Computing'.

Published on The Conversation, the Mail Online, and in the print edition of The I Newspaper. Read it here, or at the Mail, here.

 "Graphene is missing ingredient to help supercharge batteries for life on the move"

Graphene has shown a plethora of interesting properties that make it an a material of great interest within the scientific community. This article looks into how it may help with next-generation battery technologies.


Published on The Conversation, read it here.

"We’re only just starting to understand the side-effects of driverless cars"

Driverless cars and other autonomous vehicles are becoming a major subject of discussion both within the scientific community and in the public at large. This article looks at some of the potential side-effects of the deployment of these vehicles on our roads.

Published on The Conversation, read it here.